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Genre-blending can be a fine line to walk, especially when approaching something as traditional as manga, but artist Takashi Okazaki took that in stride when he blended American hip hop and soul with one of Japan’s most widely published forms of narrative to create a new cult classic: Afro Samurai. Started as a serial published in an avant-garde manga magazine back in 1999, it quickly garnered international attention and fanfare, and due to its popularity has gone on to become an animated series, feature length film and even a video game. And thanks to its unique cast of stylized characters, it's also a great source of potential dog names for fans worldwide.

Afro Samurai Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Afro Samurai Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When trying to come up with an appropriate Afro Samurai inspired name for your dog, there are several things you should keep in mind. You should first define your dog’s most obvious or characteristic traits, as this will act as a shortcut later on. Second, consider what drew you to the title the most, whether that’s the story itself, the characters, the medium or the creative process. 

For instance, if you feel that the artwork and overall creativity employed to create the series was the most impressive, consider naming your dog after someone involved in the process, such as Takashi or Okazaki, the artist himself, or someone who helped to produce the final product such as Gonzo, after the animation studio or Draper or Yamashita after some of the writers. If you liked the soundtrack the best, then the names Rizza (RZA) or Wu would both work well. You could play off of appearances as well. If you have a fluffy, teddy bear-headed Pomeranian like Boo, then the name Jinno or Kuma would be perfect fits.

Of course, you can always just name them after a favorite character, but it’s up to you how to choose to pursue the best namesake for your canine companion.

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