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The Akbash is a white Turkish sheepdog that is a rare breed in the United States. They are loyal, loving dogs that are used to guard livestock out in open fields. Ranchers and farmers looking for a solid, intelligent dog to help guard their livestock should really take a closer look at the Akbash. Even though working Akbash generally are not family companions, people are beginning to see the value of having an Akbash around the home as a guard dog and companion. When bringing an Akbash into your home, chances are that they will not have a permanent name and it will be up to you to find a name that fits their personality and maybe pays tribute to their Turkish heritage just a bit.

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Akbash Dog Name Considerations

The Akbash is a livestock guardian dog that is mainly used for that purpose and therefore is not usually seen as a family companion. This does not mean that they cannot be integrated into a family setting, but they are happiest when they are out in the fields with their flocks. The Akbash is native to Turkey and is still prevalent in that country. Many people, when trying to decide on a name for their new puppy, will look at the origins of their puppy for inspiration. Turkish names can be hard to pronounce but there are several names that are easier to say and may fit your puppy’s personality.  Research names that you find interesting and see if your family can agree on one name. By choosing a name of Turkish origins you can almost guarantee that there will not be another dog in the neighborhood with the same name. This will keep any confusion down when you visit the dog park or are out walking in the neighborhood. You would not rush to name your new infant, therefore, you should not feel the need to rush and find a name for your new puppy. There are a lot of options and finding the right name may take a while.

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