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Back in 2005, DC Comics decided to release a string of comics that would represent the very best aspects of some of the company's most beloved characters. They were dead set on creating stories that really got down to the core of iconic heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman - stories that would act as testaments to these heroic titans and stand as timeless reminders as to why so many generations of fans have come to love these characters as fervently as they have. These stories would be called All-Star stories, with All-Star Superman being the first story in this ambitious line of comics.

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Written by Grant Morrison and penciled by Frank Quitely, All-Star Superman received universal acclaim back when it was released in November of 2015. To this day, the story is regarded as one of the all time greatest Superman stories ever created - held in the same regard as the likes of Superman: Birthright and Superman: Secret Identity.  For those unaware, All-Star Superman tells the story of the Man of Steel during what he perceives to be his final days alive - after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Realizing the turmoil that would result from his passing, Superman embarks on a series of Herculean labors to try and end as many of the universe's struggles as he can - making amends with age-old foes and consistently helping as many people as he can without ever allowing hopelessness or despair to overtake him. 

All-Star Superman is a story that really gets to the heart of the Man of Steel and illustrates perfectly why so many of us have come to love the Blue Boy Scout so dearly - All-Star Superman, just like the Last Son of Krypton himself, will inspire you to be the best you can be and to keep fighting, no matter how hopeless a given scenario may seem. For that reason alone - so perfectly encapsulating everything that's truly "super" about Superman - you should consider naming your dog after an All-Star Superman character. If you're looking to give your dog a name based on an inspiring or benevolent character, you could do worse than the characters featured in this story. Study the personality of your new furry addition and consider a name from this story!

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