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Sincere prayers are answered - at least that's the story behind the 1994 movie, Angels in the Outfield. This movie tells the story of Roger, a young boy whose mother's death left him in foster care. Roger's father tells him that Roger can come back to live with him "when the Angels win the pennant." Being a fan of fictional baseball team the California Angels (who are more like the Bad News Bears), Roger knows this means there's a long shot at moving back in with his father. So, Roger prays that the Angels win to do just that. The winning ways of the Angels are seen as miraculous, which they are!

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Angels in the Outfield Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Angels in the Outfield is the story of Roger, a foster child who only wants to go home and make a family with his dad. However, this dream is not easily achieved. Roger is made the manager of the California Angels, and he routinely gives advice to owner Hank Murphy during the games. When the angels tell Roger that they will not be able to help the baseball Angels during the championships, Roger learns the lesson that he should provide the players with the same encouragement he has all along. With this positive reinforcement, the Angels win the championship. Roger is later adopted by team manager George Knox. 

While there are no dogs featured in this film, there are a few associations that can be made in order to determine specific breeds that might benefit from being given a name inspired by this film. For one thing, the film is set in California. The top dogs from this state include the Beagle and the Golden Retriever. Next, the San Diego Padres temporarily sported a dog as their mascot. Bluepper was a dog-like character who represented the team from 1992 - 1994. He was dark blue, so that leads this writer to believe he might have been a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) or a Pit Bull (some color variations are considered "blue" but are more silver in color). Bluepper was retired in 1994 due to a lack of popularity. 

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