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The Appenzeller Mountain Dog, also known as the Appenzeller Sennenhund or the Appenzell Cattle Dog, is a high-spirited and fearless large dog. They are highly intelligent and can quickly learn new tricks and commands. The Appenzeller Mountain Dog is suspicious of strangers and makes an ideal watchdog. This breed in one of the five Swiss mountain dog breeds, but is not as popular in North American as some of their Swiss cousins. These large dogs need a family that understands the breed and has a defined leader willing to properly train them to become well-adjusted family members. Once you have decided to bring an Appenzeller Mountain Dog home, your next step will be to find the right name to suit them. 

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Appenzeller Mountain Dog Name Considerations

The Appenzeller Mountain Dog is a large dog and needs a home that has plenty of room for them to stretch out and play. Since this breed can be territorial, they do need a fenced yard and a strong leader to properly train them. When you have brought your new Appenzeller Mountain Dog puppy home, you now have to find a name that properly describes this loyal, high-spirited dog. Hailing from Switzerland, there are a plethora of Swiss names that would be a fantastic choice for your new pooch. Some names may not easily roll off the tongue but may be absolutely fun to call out at your local dog park. By picking an unusual name, you can be assured that your dog will not be confused by hearing his name over and over when in training class or walking through the neighborhood. Names are a good way to describe your dog so if your dog is a happy dog, you may want to name them Yacine; which means happiness or joyful. A dog that is a great protector would do well with a name like Eberly, Sacha, Martina, or Ramona. No matter what name you choose for your new Appenzeller Mountain Dog, be sure to properly train your new puppy so they become a valued member of your household and not an untrained, overbearing drain on your family.

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