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Whether you have been planning for a while to get a dog, or just happened to stop and look at a bunch of puppies (always a risk as they are so adorable), getting a new dog is an exciting time. Often, when getting a new dog you will be starting with a puppy, although we do suggest you consider a rescue dog as an option. These animals are desperate for a forever home and it is only a twist of fate that has left them at a pet shelter. If you are taking on a puppy, one thing you will need right from the start, is a suitable name to call your new friend. But don't panic or rush your choice, you need one that suits your dog. Name inspiration can come from many places, such as a town that you remember affectionately from your travels. This list of dogs names has been compiled from inspiration from the City of Sails - otherwise known as Auckland, in the beautiful country of New Zealand. This lovely city has water views to die for, a multicultural mix of people, local native Maori, and a countryside that is nothing short of stunning. So have a look at our Auckland inspired dog names, there is bound to be one that will suit your new pooch.

Auckland Dog Names in Pop Culture

Auckland Dog Name Considerations

There are a few things to remember when choosing a name for your dog, starting with one that suits his character. Some dogs are active and into everything, so names like Dynamo, Flash or even Ambush may be just the fit. Then there are the mellow dogs, who just cruise through life and love to snooze on your lap. They are more suited to a name like Ghost, Angel or Prince. Other things that may help you decide could be the size of your dog, the breed or even the town where your dog was born. A dog from Auckland can be given a name in relation to the wildlife - think gorgeous birds - or perhaps a landmark that particularly attracts you. His coat color may bring a name to mind when considering this beautiful area as well.  So keeping all that in mind, please browse our list of Auckland inspired dog names and before long your dog will be happily named and ready to play.
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Community Dogs With Auckland Names

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