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Austin Powers is the lovable, yet somewhat oafish "International Man of Mystery." Inspired by characters such as the dashing James Bond, Austin Powers fights crime, albeit in a satirical fashion. His primary nemesis is Dr. Evil, who, it turns out, is actually Powers' long-lost brother. Powers must fight Dr. Evil's minions before he can come face-to-face with his adversary. Some of these minions include Frau, Mini-Me, and a number of "Fem-bots," as Powers' chief weakness is a love of the ladies. Powers provides tongue-in-cheek entertainment that, while not award-winning comedy, does provide a mindless escape from reality for about ninety minutes.

Austin Powers Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Austin Powers Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Although there are no dogs in the Austin Powers trilogy, there is plenty of inspiration for names for your pooch. First, Powers is British, and a number of dogs find their origins in jolly old England! In fact, some pay tribute to their British roots in their monikers. The English Bulldog, the English Springer Spaniel, the English Setter - each of these dogs are directly imported from Austin Powers' native England. The English Cocker Spaniel and the English Mastiff also hail from across the pond. However, there are a great number of breeds that do not pay tribute to England in their names, but are of English origin. 

A great many dogs belonging to the terrier group originate from the British Isles - the Airedale Terrier and the Bedlington Terrier are two. One might be surprised to find that the Jack Russell Terrier is also of English origin. The Jack Russell was originally called the Parson Terrier due to the fact that the developer of the breed, Reverend John Russell, was a "parson." A great many hounds also originated or were developed in England - foxhounds and bloodhounds were utilized for hunts by nobility for centuries. 

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