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Australian Shepherds, also known as Aussies for short, are dogs that have been around as devoted companions for many years. Despite their titles, the Aussie wasn't actually created in Australia, but were first developed in the United States of America. Built to be the working dogs of the West, Aussie's helped farmers and ranchers on their land with jobs such as herding cattle, coaxing horses into their trailers, and even pulling carts around. These dogs are extremely intelligent and are not afraid to show it. Aside from being working dogs, Aussie's were also used in the entertainment industry; performing in movies, TV shows, and actual acts that performed for all kinds of different venues. With this rich background, it isn't hard to see how the beautiful dogs are loved by people everywhere. Those who are looking for a loving, hard working, companion will definitely find all that and more in the Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd Dog Names in Pop Culture

Australian Shepherd Dog Name Considerations

Based on the fact that the Aussie was created and developed in the Western states of America, names that follow a Cowboy or Cowgirl theme may be perfect for this breed. Some may like the idea of choosing an Australian title for their Aussie as the breed sets everything up perfectly for that, and there's nothing wrong with the idea at all! For those who want more of a country twang kind of name may steer towards topics like names of states and have meanings that involve farm life. 

For instance, a male Australian Shepherd may fit names like Texas, Hank, and Angus best. All of these offer a sense of masculinity while also embracing the classic nature of the Wild West! For females, names such as Cheyenne, Jane, and Lady are great examples that capture the beauty and free nature of the women who helped settle Western America. All of the names listed here, along with many more, are a perfect starting place for finding the perfect moniker that will forever symbolize how you see your Australian Shepherd. There is no doubt that no matter which title you decide to choose for your Aussie, it should be one that represents the breed's intelligence and carefree personality. 

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Community Dogs with Australian Shepherd Names

Maybelle's name story for Australian Shepherd Dog Names
Australian Shepherd
Hammond, LA

I got my dogs name from this website

Sunny's name story for Australian Shepherd Dog Names
Australian Shepherd
Arroyo Grande, CA

He was rescued on a 100 degree day, and his smile brightened the room. Therefore, Sunny!

Poopy butt hole tea's name story for Australian Shepherd Dog Names
Poopy butt hole tea
Australian Cattle Dog
Butler, TN

I saw him, and I though "woh. He looks like my grandmas butt". Dont ask me how i know what ny grandmas butt looks like

Harlow's name story for Australian Shepherd Dog Names
Australian Shepherd
Black River Falls, WI

Harlow is a 2 1/2 year old toy American Shepherd who was rescued from a dog breeding home. She was turned into the rescue for producing only one puppy for a couple of litters. I adopted her from the rescue facility and learned she survived nine c-sections and complications from her spaying. She is making slow progress but is finally healthy and free of infections that have lingered while at her foster home.

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