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The Auvergne Pointing Dog is also known as the Auvergne Braque and is an ancient hunting dog that can be traced back to the Gascon Hounds. The Auvergne Pointing Dog is a universal hunting dog that can run long distances without tiring and enjoys their time out in the field every bit as much as their time lounging in the house. They are relatively easy to train and are gentle and friendly to their family. They can be a bit reserved when they meet new people but are easily won over with treats and toys. In their native France, the Auvergne Pointing Dog is becoming more favored with hunters and is showing a surge in popularity throughout Europe. 

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Auvergne Pointing Dog Name Considerations

When you decide to add an Auvergne Pointing Dog to your family, you will probably need to search high and low before you do finally find one to bring home. The Auvergne Pointing Dog is not a favored dog in the United States and therefore there are only a handful of breeders. After finding an Auvergne Pointing Dog, you will then want to start the process of finding the right name for your new puppy. Being a breed that originated in France, your name search may begin there since there are plenty of interesting and unique names for your new interesting and unique puppy. Remember to pick a name that has not been overused in your neighborhood. When you are at the dog park, you do not want your dog to become confused if there are other dogs with the same name. Take time to get to know your new Auvergne Pointing Dog puppy before deciding on a name. Many times their personality or character quirks will help you come up with the perfect tag. For instance, a puppy that is strong-willed could be called Liam, or a quiet or peaceful puppy could be given the title Pace or Oliver for a boy, or Femma for a girl. 

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