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The phrase, "Avengers Assemble!" is the rallying call of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the Marvel Universe. Captain America, The Star Spangled Man with a Plan, usually is the one uttering the decree in most instances but any Avenger can (and will) shout out the phrase to raise morale in dire duels and generally troublesome times. The funny thing is that the phrase has yet to be said in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU for short) as of this writing! As such, most folks who are only familiar with MCU may not even know that the Avengers have a catchphrase. Nevertheless, the Avengers franchise will prove to be the ideal place for fans to search for a dog name.

Avengers Assemble Inspired Dog Names In Pop Culture

Avengers Assemble Inspired Dog Name Considerations

One of the main reasons to give your dog an Avengers Assemble inspired name would be if you're a big fan of the Marvel Comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and if you're a fan of one, you're likely to be a fan of the other. If you like characters like The Amazing Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor, The Incredible Hulk, The Invincible Iron Man, or even The X-Men then you'll be happy to know that all of the above parties have had ties to the Avengers to some degree or another. In fact, a number of those characters were either featured or outright appeared in the 2013 Avengers Assemble animated television show in the flesh (or in the ink, if you will). Consider any of these characters as inspiration for a name for your dog. Thor or Hulk would suit a large dog, while a particularly agile pup would carry Spidey well.

Speaking of the Avengers Assemble show, you may have watched a few episodes of the series if you were a preteen around May 26th, 2013 as the show was heavily marketed when it first aired. As of this writing, the show's still going strong with 5 seasons under its belt and counting! The show does a great job of condensing and adapting a number of comic book storylines that the Marvel Cinematic Universe just hasn't had the opportunity to cover. It's also very funny and pretty well-written show that was helmed by the Man of Action writing group (of Ben 10 and Generator Rex fame) at one point in time. America, Tony, Medusa, Gorgon or Hawkeye are other names to consider; Lockjaw or Slobberchops are great choices, too! Peruse our list of top-notch Avengers Assemble names and one is sure to fit your dog perfectly!

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