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Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq and the largest city of the country. It is a cultural hub and the melting pot of history, commercial activity, and it is an intellectual center of the Islamic world. Baghdad is nicknamed The City of Peace and it was the largest city in the Middle Ages. It was destroyed during the Mongol Empire era, but was rebuilt to become a prominent center of the Arab culture, art, and politics. In the recent history, the city suffered severe damage in the Iraq War, and as a result, has been dubbed the city with the worst quality of life. However, Baghdad is a fascinating place, and if you decide to honor it by naming your dog after one of the neighborhoods of famous people who lived there, you won’t be mistaken.

Baghdad Dog Names in Pop Culture

Baghdad Dog Name Considerations

Searching for a perfect name for your dog is quite the task, especially if you take Baghdad as an inspiration. Why, you ask? Well, you must take into account the pronunciation of Baghdad neighborhoods, the somewhat unusual names of famous people who lived and worked there, and just the different culture that most people in the western world are probably not familiar with. However, this is a great thing, as any multiculturalism is good, since it inspired conversation and opens our minds. Whenever you meet someone with an unusual name, most of the time you want to ask them about their roots, and by doing so, you are expanding your world views and becoming more educated on other nations and other customs.

That is why choosing the name such as Raad, after Raan Ghantous, an interior designer, or Rusafa, after the Rusafa District in Bagdad, or even Sha’ab, after another neighborhood of this city is great since it will definitely prompt your friends, family, and acquaintances in your dog park to ask you about the origins of the name. You can then explain that you were inspired by Baghdad and talk about its rich history and incredible art scene of the old days and the new. By doing that, you can bring Baghdad closer to people and allow them to see it as more than just a war stricken city with a bad quality of life. We are all more than what media portrays us to be, and people of Baghdad would surely agree with that.

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