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Is Barcelona where you're from or is it your favorite vacation spot? There's so much to love about Barcelona you've decided to tag your new dog with a name that honors the Spanish city. Maybe your dog is of Spanish descent or reminds you of a  Spaniard you know. Whatever the reason, a Spanish name will be perfect for your dog.

Barcelona is a beautiful, historic city located on the coast of the Iberian Penisula facing the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers with moderate temperatures all year long. Only one day in the last 30 years recorded a temperature that was below freezing and that was by just one degree. What an ideal place to name your dog after, especially if your pup is sunny and bright, too.

Barcelona Dog Names in Pop Culture

Barcelona Dog Name Considerations

Choosing to give a dog a Barcelona name gives you many options. There are numerous choices to consider amongst human names given to people in Barcelona, of course, and also names that mean something, like grace or courage. You can name your fur baby after streets, rivers, neighborhoods, or other sights in the city.

Take a look at your dog. Will they be big or little? Are they happy or grumpy looking? What about their color. Are they Blanco (white) or Roja (red)? Maybe your new addition is spotted or marbled. Whatever your dog looks like, they can inspire a Barcelona name. 

Dog names should be fairly short, just one or two syllables if possible. That makes it easier for your furkid to remember their name and simpler for you and the whole family to call. It helps if the moniker has a sharp consonant in it as well. Take your time and think of the perfect name for your dog. The title needs to fit their personality and make you smile when you say it.

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