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Dogs have been used since the beginning of time to aid man in either surviving or winning a war against his enemies. War dogs were used by many ancient cultures such as the Greeks, Persians or Romans. These dogs were trained specifically for battle. Napoleon used dogs during his campaigns. During the American Civil War dogs were used to protect, send messages, or to guard prisoners. They were used extensively as mascots, to build moral in the troops.  General Grant spoke about how packs of Southern Bloodhounds were reluctantly destroyed by Union troops wherever they were found as they had been trained to hunt men. Our faithful friend has fought alongside us, comforted us, protected us and love us unwaveringly through the good, the bad and the ugly times throughout history. There have been many brave dogs throughout the ages and by choosing to name our own dog after these heroes allows their legend to live on and inspire others so that their sacrifice was not in vain.

Battlefield Dog Names

Battlefield Dog Name Considerations

The name you bestow upon your best friend should be special and meaningful to you both. One way you can make it extra special is to choose a name from past and present battlefields legends. In this way you can honor the past efforts of so many dogs who willingly fought for their beloved master and many who paid the ultimate price and gave their lives. Sergeant Stubby was a Boston Terrier who was the most decorated war dog of World War l and the only dog to be promoted to Sergeant through combat. Among many achievements he is said to have captured a German spy. Chips was the most decorated dog from World War ll. During the Pacific battles 549 dogs that were returned from the war, only four could not be returned to civilian life. There are so many memorable names that may suit your dog, such as Chips, Scout, Sniper, Sinbad, Judy, and Rex - all taken from brave war dogs. The bravery of both men and dogs during war remains a source of inspiration that you can take advantage of to choose a very special name for your dog.
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