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The first thing you think about after getting a new dog is what to call it. Panic sets in as one name after another doesn't quite fit, and you are at the point where you are seriously thinking of calling this new companion 'Dog'. The secret to choosing a good name is not to panic, so forget about names, for now at least, "Puppy" or "Dear Dog" will do. Take the time to get to know your new companion. Even if you have had a dog before, they are all different in personality. A day or two without a name will not hurt your new friend; they will be quite happy to have lots of hugs and your attention rather than worry about a name! Once you have spent some time becoming familiar with your dog and you do look at names, one or two will now stand out as great options. We have compiled this list for a dog or puppy that will grow into a large dog. Unless you have a weird sense of humor (and we are not judging you, just stating a fact) names such as Tiny, Micro or Mouse might suit your tiny puppy, but puppies have a habit of growing up, and if your dog is one of the large breeds, they will outgrow the name Micro before too long. To save you time and effort, check our list of big dog names and their meanings - there are many to choose from, and one will suit this new furry addition to your family.

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Big Dog Name Considerations

A big dog suits a solid sounding name; they suit something that is appropriate for their size, keeping in mind your puppy will not remain small. Don't just choose a name for here and now, try to think ahead and plan for a suitable name to take them from puppyhood through to a mature dog. You can choose names based on the color of your dog, the area where your dog came from, or the type of dog they are (hunting or show dog). If you have been forewarned that the dog of your dreams is a large or giant breed, consider basing their name on that knowledge. Many large canines are docile and gentle giants at heart; consider a name like Moose, representative of the slow ambling beast who lives in the forest. Nova is a lovely name and calls to mind the expanse of the universe. The choice of names for a large breed dog is extensive, so think carefully and select a name that honors your pet and is respectful to your companion. After all, a dog will show you total commitment; they are loyal and true regardless of what you do. So reward them with a nice name. Our list of names for Big Dogs will help you to select the perfect moniker.
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Community Dogs With Big Dog Names

Grayson's name story for Big Dog Names
Willis, MI
kinda fast
a lot of energy
fun loving
very big

he is a big gray dog and i thought of that he was gray and we named him grayson

Boner's name story for Big Dog Names
American Bulldog
El Paso, TX

He is always humping my girlfriends or any females legs.

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