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Do you like horses? This book may be old, but it is still an excellent read. “Black Beauty” is told in the first person (horse) by Black Beauty himself about his life in his own words. Starting from when he was young and treated well to when he was sold to one mean owner after another, and to some who just had no clue how to care for a horse. He gets sick and ends up hurt and almost blind due to negligence and abuse but still trusts that people are mostly good. In fact, Black Beauty told everyone he met that you should always be good so humans will love you and work hard to do your best. And he always tried to follow his own advice.

Black Beauty Book Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Black Beauty Book Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Get a new dog? Well, then you have got some work to do. First, you need to get the house ready for your new fur buddy. You’ll need to get some tasty treats and kibble, chewy bones to keep your pup’s teeth healthy, some fun doggy toys to play with, a leash and collar to go for walks, a nice cozy dog bed, a veterinary professional to keep your pooch healthy, and the furfect name. Choosing the title for your tail wager does not have to be a chore though, all you need to do is play with them and watch for personality traits and characteristics that can give you a clue.

In keeping with the “Black Beauty” book, some of the character’s names would make some pawsitively adorable doggy names. For instance, Darkie and Black Beauty are both pawfect for a black or dark-colored poochie, Merrylegs is cute for a hyper pup, Captain would be great for a bossy boy, and Grey would be super for a gray dog. If you want your doggo to have a name that means beauty, there are quite a few. For example, Venus is the Roman goddess of Beauty, Diana is the Roman goddess of the Moon, Amara is Greek for eternally beautiful, and Sephora is Hebrew for beautiful light.

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