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For dedicated fans of cop dramas, Blue Bloods may not rank at the top of the list, but at nine seasons and still going, there’s no denying the kind of dynamic that comes with have so many officers of the law in one family. At its core, Blue Bloods is a well-written show with a healthy amount of awards to prove that it’s not just another police drama, and outside of employing a fair amount of underrated actors, the show also has a fair amount of interesting characters that help to weave in and out of genre-classic narratives with considerable skill, leaving us a solid roster to derive dog names from.

Blue Bloods Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Blue Bloods Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Coming up with the perfect Blue Bloods name for your dog certainly won’t be an easy task unless you plan to get as cut and dry as just naming them after your favorite character (or family for that matter). If you want a bit more depth, however, consider making a list of your dog’s most prominent traits from their individual quirks to their overall personality, as it will make shorter work of pairing them up with something suitable. 

For instance, if your dog tends to take on a paternal role with you or others in your family, then Frank would be a good name. If they rarely get into trouble and are known as a “golden” type of personality, then the names Jameson or Harvard (one of Jamie’s nicknames) would be appropriate choices. If you see yourself as that type yourself and your dog is a loyal partner in crime (or crimefighting as it were), then the names Janko, Edit (or Eddie), Beale, Walsh, Cruz Sosa or Renzulli would all be reasonable. 

Of course, there are a ton of characters that filter in and out of the show, so you’ve got plenty to choose from, especially when you count the number of nicknames used as well. 

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