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The Bohemian Terrier, better known in North America as the Cesky Terrier, is a short-legged, well-muscled dog. They are determined hunters and typical earth dogs, driving prey from the ground. Expect the prey-driven Bohemian Terrier to dig large tunnels through your yard as they search for vermin. They are considered to be mellower than most terriers; however, they are still a terrier and can become a nuisance when not properly trained. Since they are mellower, they are actually easier to train than most other terrier breeds. It is estimated that there are only about 600 Bohemian Terriers living within the United States. 

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Bohemian Terrier Dog Name Considerations

There are only an estimated few hundred Bohemian Terriers within the United States, therefore, finding a new Bohemian Terrier to add to your family may take a bit of research. Once you have located a breeder or rescue and are preparing to bring your new Bohemian Terrier home, it is a good time to start your search for the perfect name for your new friend. Being a breed that originated along the border of the Czech Republic, your search for interesting or unique names should begin there. Granted, many Czech or Slovakian names can be a little difficult to pronounce, there are still many more that would be a perfect fit for a Bohemian Terrier. However, they are a terrier and there are a plethora of names that are spot-on perfect for a fun-loving, yard-digging little bundle of energy. Once you have your names narrowed down, make sure the rest of the family is on board with your choices. Have a list of names ready to try out for when your new companion finally comes home but do not settle on one name until you have had time to get to know their personality. You do not want to saddle your new Bohemian Terrier with a name that simply does not suit their character. 

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