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The Boston Terrier - he is a ball of energy, yet he is one of the most loyal, loving breeds available today. He is nicknamed "The American Gentleman," and not without good cause! His traditional black and white coat gives the illusion of a tuxedo, and the Boston Terrier was bred and developed right here in the United States! He has quite an endearing personality as well. He is great with children and other pets. He is as much of a lapdog as he is companion during activities. When it comes to choosing a name for your Boston, you will want to take his personality into account. He will be a member of your family for a number of years, so choose wisely.

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Boston Terrier Dog Name Considerations

The Boston Terrier has a classic look; should you purchase a traditional Boston, he or she will have a black coat with white markings. However, there are variations to coat color, and this many influence your choice of name. The Boston Terrier may be red, gray, or brindle. Some may have more white markings than others. Names like "Blue" or "Rusty" might be appropriate to match the dog's coat color. Many Boston Terrier owners prefer to name their dog based on the size of the dog. Munchkin, Pipsqueak, or Midget might be apt names for the small Boston Terrier; keep in mind that even as an adult, the Boston generally does not weigh over twenty-five pounds. An owner of a Miniature Boston might even choose the name "Teenie" to describe the small size of his pup. However small, the Boston Terrier has a large personality, and dozens of Boston pet parents use this method to choose a name for their pup. 

Most all Boston Terriers are somewhat hyper, happy, and generous with love. They love to entertain their families, and they are never so happy as when they are at play. Many Bostons are quite tenacious; they do not realize their size, and they are rarely fearful. Some owners may choose names such as Rocky or Rascal to exemplify the hardiness of the Boston. Still others may name their pup Cuddles or Buddy, which is a nod to the idea that Bostons do enjoy cuddles on the couch after a play session. Regardless, the Boston Terrier is a special breed, and he deserves a name which exemplifies his uniqueness. 

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Clark's name story for Boston Terrier Dog Names
Boston Terrier
Downers Grove, IL

Main street in Chicago.

Emma's name story for Boston Terrier Dog Names
Boston Terrier
Boston, MA

Popular name in Boston

Prince's name story for Boston Terrier Dog Names
Boston Terrier
Millsboro, DE

He is always so sleepy and is spoiled like a PRINCE!

Butch's name story for Boston Terrier Dog Names
Boston Terrier
Cincinnati, OH

For starters he was born in Ohio. The people for whatever reason didn't want to keep him. My Mother had owned two females in the previous 20 years, she had females. She took him because he was free & her last dog had died. His name was Buster. My Mother didn't like that name so she na ed him Butch.My brother put A gun in my Mother's house after living there for 30 years without one & showed my Mother how to cock it & pull the trigger. Seven mo this later my 80 year old Mother put the gun in her mouth & pulled the trigger. My brother let Butch stay in the house for one year then put him out on the back porch to die. The girl next door called me in Cincinnati & told me he was almost dead, that he could barely make it up the ramp when he went to the yard to potty. I drove 200 miles & took rtwo boys with me. They went on that porch & swooped Butch up.I brought him back to Cincinnati & Buch lived for 3 1/2 years with me. He was about 15 when he died on October 20th, 2017. I loved that dog more than anything or anyone I've ever came in contact with in my life. He was smart, well behaved. You couldn't ask for a better dog. My baby's in Dog Heaven now. I don't know how to share a picture, I,'m 69 years old, not very computer saavy.

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