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The Canaan Dog is an ancient breed that many believe dates back to Biblical times. They are lean, medium-sized dogs with an inquisitive expression. They are confident and very clever. The Canaan Dog requires a handler that has experience with this type of dog. Training and socialization are important because they can be territorial and become problematic when they are mature. If you do decide that this ancient breed is for you, once you find your new puppy it will be time to decide on a fun and unique name. Being a Middle Eastern breed, your search for the right name may just take you in that direction and give you ideas for a one-of-a-kind name.

Canaan Dog Names in Pop Culture

Canaan Dog Name Considerations

Once you have decided to add a Canaan Dog to your family and have found a responsible breeder, it is time to pick a name for your new bundle of joy. Being an ancient breed, they are deserving of a name that is as storied as they are. Some people may decide to give their Canaan Dog a Biblical name since they can be traced back to those times. Others may find that more modernized names would best suit their puppy. And some new owners may look for names with Middle Eastern influence. There are some Middle Eastern names that may be a bit difficult to pronounce and younger family members will probably struggle. However, there are plenty of names with Middle Eastern influence that are easy to pronounce. Sometimes, it is best to get to know your new puppy before you decide on a name. Chakir, for example, is a boy name that means the chosen one. Chakir would be a good name for a puppy that you have searched long and hard to find. A female puppy that has a sweet nature and is pleasant to be around could be named Tirsa. Muneer means splendid and Tavi means beloved; both good choices for a male Canaan Dog. Zivah means shining and bright, and is a good choice for a female Canaan Dog. 

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