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Adding a new four-legged member to the family always requires preparation, whether you’re welcoming home your first or seventh cat. Some of the things you need to check off your to-do list are: buying cat food, toys, and a litter box; providing an adequate space where your cat can stay; setting up their first vet visit; planning introductions to your other furkids, if any; and selecting a name. 

Being a cat parent can be a lot of work, but when it comes to naming your little tiger, Wag! has got you covered. Below are some male and female cat names that begin with C-Z to get you started!

Cat Names That Start With C-Z in Pop Culture

Cat Names That Start With C-Z Considerations

When your options include names that start with almost all the letters of the alphabet, the pawssibilities are truly endless! Narrow down your choices early on so that you don’t get too overwhelmed. Would you happen to have a favorite letter or two? Or perhaps you already have other furkids whose names start with the same letter—why not continue the theme with the newest member of the family? 

Once you’ve decided on a letter, it’s time to start looking at names that start with it. When browsing through options, consider how good they sound to your ear and if they roll off the tongue. It’s recommended to choose a moniker with one or two syllables; not only will it be easier for you to say, but your cat will also learn their name a lot faster!  

Last but not least, consider your feline friend’s purrsonality or appearance. Does it match the meaning and vibe of the name you’ve picked out for them? For example, Fiona, which means “fair, white,” is probably not the best choice for a black cat, while Turbo would be better suited to a more energetic feline than an inactive one. Your cat deserves to have the best name, so take your time before deciding on one!

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