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The Chart Polski, or Polish Greyhound is a sighthound and typical member of the Greyhound family. The Chart Polski finds great pleasure in running and has inexhaustible stamina. The odd thing about the Chart Polski is that they are territorial and will become very protective of their family. Most other Greyhounds are not protective and in fact, are milder tempered than other hounds. The Chart Polski is a taller, heavier dog and is not suitable for a novice dog owner. They can quickly become too much dog for someone when they are not properly socialized or trained. Without proper handling, the Chart Polski can become dog aggressive.  

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Chart Polski Dog Name Considerations

Because of the protective nature of the Chart Polski, they are not recommended for just anyone. The Chart Polski needs an owner willing to properly socialize and train them for them to become a well-adjusted family member. The Chart Polski can become dog aggressive and are not ideal for homes with small dogs or other smaller pets. After deciding to bring home a Chart Polski, you will need to start their socialization immediately and find them the perfect name. This ancient breed is steeped in Polish history and has survived for centuries. A dog like this deserves a well-thought-out name that is as impressive as them. Coming from Poland, you may begin your search by looking for interesting Polish names or names that are Polish inspired. Granted, some Polish names may sound odd and are difficult to pronounce, but there are many more that are easy to say and are a great opening to share a bit of the breed’s history with anyone who asks about the uniqueness of their name. Make a list of names you like and then start marking off the ones that are your least favorite. Take some time to learn about your new Chart Polski before you decide on their name. Their personality may be the deciding factor.

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