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If you want to watch a good police series on television, “Chicago PD” is an awesome choice. This is not just a police series either as it goes with two other Chicago television shows created by Dick Wolf, “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med.” These three shows intermix and combine weekly to provide a look into the lives and relationships of the police, firefighters, and medical professionals that work in the rough city of Chicago. And “Chicago PD” has just been renewed for a seventh season so it will be around for a while longer. Although they have not had any pooches on the show the dog from “Chicago Fire,” a Dalmatian named Tuesday, is shown in some episodes.

Dog Names Inspired by Chicago PD in Pop Culture

Chicago PD Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Some important things to remember when getting a new canine kid include buying them some fun new toys to play with, crunchy bones to chomp on, a collar and leash for taking walks, a veterinary professional for checkups, a nice cozy bed, yummy kibble and treats, and the perfect name. Choosing your pupster’s moniker doesn’t have to be a chore though. Make it fun. Get on the floor and play with your poochie for a while to see if you can find something about their personality that stands out. Since you are looking for a “Chicago PD” related name, we will keep that in mind with our suggestions. 

Jason is the name of the actor who plays Hank and the name Jason means healer in Greek so it would be a terrific name for a dog that loves to take care of others. Adam, who is one of the detectives on the show, means red in Hebrew and would be the ideal name for a red doggo. Amy, who is the actress that plays Trudy, would be great for a friendly pooch because it means friend in French. And for that smart pupster, how about Sophia, after the actress who plays Erin since it means wise in Greek? Here are some more of our faves.

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Community Dogs with Chicago PD Inspired Names

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