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A new dog is an exciting new development in your daily life. They will become a loyal companion and a source of much joy. But choosing a name can cause some concern, after all - you are going to be together for many long happy years so you want to select a name that suits your dog, as well as a name that you will not tire of. Don't panic - your new pal doesn't need a name the first time he or she puts a paw inside your home. Take your time to let them settle in, get to know them and find out what type of dog you have chosen. Is it quiet and calm, or boisterous and noisy; does it race around full of energy, or is it shy and demure? The character of your dog does make a difference. A rowdy speedy dog would suit a name like Scout, Chase or even Blaze. A shy dog may suit Cedar, or even Shadow. Do your home work and compile a list of all the names you like, then try them out on your dog. You will soon find the one that fits just right.

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Country Dog Name Considerations

Things to consider when naming a pet include choosing a name that you really like (obvious but worth pointing out ), don't just go with a whim. Pick an easy one or two syllable name which is easier for your dog to understand. And don't choose a name that sounds like a command; for example, Fletch sounds too much like fetch. Don't go for a popular dog name unless you really do love it. Remember you will be out in public with your pooch, and when you yell out 'Buddy, come here!' you may find yourself with four or more Buddies! Another thing to consider is a name that other people may find offensive. When choosing a name, consider how it will be used and how you feel about saying out loud in public. Always do your research first, even if it means your dog hasn't got a name for a day or two. Taking the right time and finding the perfect name will pay off in the long run. When brainstorming a name based on a country theme, consider what it is that really draws you to the space. It is the Willow trees in the field or the rushing brook? Does the color of your new pet remind you of the wheat fields or the flowers in the meadow? The country theme offers plenty of ideas when considering a name for your new addition.

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