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Are you looking for the perfect name for your dog? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the unique choices out there? You're not alone! It is quite a challenge to pick a name that you love and also suits your dog. One tried and true way to select a fitting moniker is to go with a theme. Whether the theme is a favorite movie, a popular travel destination or an alphabetical combination, deciding on a name takes time and effort. We're here to make the task a little easier. Take a look at our compilation of dog tags ending in "ru."

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Dog Name Ending in ru Considerations

Even though you have decided to focus your name search on monikers ending in "ru", there are still a few other things you should consider. For one, think about how each name will sound when you say it over and over, day after day. While there are plenty of easy to say names ending in "ru" like Tru, Daru and Gru, there are others that can be quite a mouthful. A name like Alexandru, which means defender of man, is the ideal name for a strong dog but you may want to also consider what more manageable nickname you may use. In the case of Alexandru, Alex fits the bill. Any name ending in "ru" could be shortened to Ruru or even just Ru!

Look over the connotation and origin of each name to help you decide on the ultimate tag. If your pup is clearly in charge of your home, consider the name Derru which means "the people's ruler". A golden colored dog would suit the name Bharu as it means "gold". Mamoru, which translates to "protection", is fitting for a guard dog. A name meaning can definitely help you make a choice! 

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