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With so many names to choose from, where does one begin when picking the perfect one for their dog? Well, a great place to start is at the end. The end of the name that is. Take a combination of two letters and go from there. If you like names that end in "ve", why not select a name like this for your dog? There are plenty to choose from with a wide variety of meanings and origins yet they all have that nice "ve" ending that makes a name sound so sweet! Cuddle up with your new pup and take a look at this list of 60 of the top names ending in "ve." We bet you will find the ideal one!

Dogs Names Ending in 've' in Pop Culture

Dog Name Ending in 've' Considerations

After you have decided on a name ending in "ve" for your dog, you still need to choose the rest of the name. This is the tricky part because even when you focus on names with just a "ve" ending, there are still a lot of things to sort through. This means you have to assess each name carefully!

You can draw on your favorite books (think Maeve Binchy) or a treasured vacation spot. Consider your new pup's appearance. Neve, which translates to snow, would suit a white dog with a gorgeous coat. Character traits come into play as well. If you have a dog that is agile and graceful, consider the tag Arve, which stands for eagle. Picture an eagle showing their grace as they soar in the sky. Choose a name that checks all the boxes for you!

Consider what nicknames you would use for your dog if the name is somewhat long. While some names are shorter and perfect for day to day use, others may be a little longer and require a shortened nickname. Genavive, for example, could be shortened to Gen. Definitely something to think about as you make your selection!

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