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Is there any better feeling in the world then when you first arrive home, and you look into the face of your beaming dog? Your pooch is undeniably happy to see you. The sparkle in your dog's eyes and their happy nature are enough to make anyone feel loved and welcome. If your four-legged friend indeed beams with happiness whenever they lay their brown on eyes on you, why not tag your dog with a beaming name? We've got 60 ideas to get you started! Read on and have fun with the name selection process!

Dog Names Meaning Beaming in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Beaming Considerations

Your dog communicates with you through facial expressions. A recent study undertaken by the University of Portsmouth Dog Cognition Center found that canines genuinely make facial expressions in response to their human's attention. Their research findings honestly drove home the fact that dogs use their faces to communicate. This is a trait that is believed to be a product of canine domestication.

If you look at your dog and think that your pooch is giving you the beaming puppy dog eyes, then you are not far off. Canines do use this look to appear vulnerable and adorable. They willfully raise their eyebrows to make their eyes look bigger to create a sweet and innocent facial expression.  Dogs will often let their tongue loll to the side for added effect. As the research revealed, dogs know they are cute, and they are not afraid of using those sweet expressions to melt their owner's hearts. 

Canines actively use expressions to communicate with their owners. Their facial looks convey a variety of emotions and feelings. However, one of the most heartfelt expressions is that of the beaming pooch. The sweet facial expressions break down barriers and touch even the coldest heart. 

If your pooch is a master at beaming then why not give your dog a moniker that shows their cute and happy disposition?

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