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Dogs bring certain contentment to their owners. They are a quiet presence in a turbulent world. Many people look forward to stroking their soft fur or feeling the press of their cold noses. Undoubtedly, the companionship of a canine brings an absolute calm and stability into a person's life. Even people who have fallen on hard times and face homelessness still have their trusty four-legged pooch by their sides to offer solace and comfort. If your dog brings you contentment then why not find a moniker that genuinely shows the canine's soothing abilities?

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Researchers have found that your feeling of contentment when you touch your dog is a real phenomenon. Spending time with your canine companion elevates your mood and even has a positive effect on your health. With a doggy best friend you think about your pooch more than you worry about yourself. If your dog needs to go for a walk,  then you get up and take the canine for a walk. Walking and physical exercise are good for your heart health. Studies have found that sharing your life with a canine companion helps you live longer. 

The feeling of contentment that you get from petting your dog is very real. It actually helps to lower your blood pressure and encourages your body to release a relaxation hormone. Your stress hormones are also significantly reduced. Petting your dog not only brings a feeling of content happiness to you but it also feels good for the dog. Most dogs relax and may even fall asleep at the soft touch of a human's hand. Obviously, the relationship between humans and dogs has a positive impact on all parties involved, so why not tag your dog with a handle that shows just how content you feel in their presence? 

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