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When a dog asks you for something with an expressive puppy dog gaze you want to give them the world. There is no favor too small for your beloved furry four-legged companion. If this explains how you feel about your best buddy, why not give your beloved pup a handle that means or denotes the word 'favor'? Favor means that you respect, support, and approve of your beloved canine companion. Read on to see our selection of 60 top-notch names for the dog you adore. Good luck and enjoy the process!

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Dog Name Meaning Favor Considerations

A dog offers unconditional favor for an owner. As a requirement of their companionship, most pooches ask very little in return. They merely wish for food, water, a place to call home that is out of the harsh elements, and the attention of their human master. Such simple things are all it takes to make a canine happy and to secure the animal's lifelong support, approval, and affection. Life with a dog doesn't have to be complicated. A dog merely loves you for you, and in return, they only ask for small favors. 

Undoubtedly, canines are blessings. Throughout history, they have garnered the favor of holy men, kings, warlords, and many famous personalities. Such a characteristic should be showcased when you are trying to pick a moniker for your dog. You can choose a name that means the word 'favor' or the very act of approval and support. For centuries such titles have regularly been bestowed on humans so why not grab up one of the handles for your beloved furry pooch? The call-name will probably gather much attention, especially at the dog park, where you can quickly explain just how beautiful dogs are and why mankind has always favored the canine above almost all other beasts as a preferred pet. 

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