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Is there anything more generous and kind than the heart of a canine? Dogs are man's best friend, and they give of themselves wholeheartedly on a daily basis.  Many humans seek the solace of their furry friend during times of extreme turmoil. The United States is a country with a homeless problem but many who subsist on very little and barely have a roof over their heads still maintain the companionship and company of a canine. That is because dogs are truly generous of spirit and love their human caretakers no matter what.

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Dog Name Meaning Generous Considerations

Your dog probably wears their heart on their sleeve. The canine is more than likely generous with their affections. The loving nature of a canine is one of the main reason why so many people enjoy keeping dogs as pets. They give of their love freely and with very few exceptions. Pat a pooch on the head, provide an occasional kind word, and a canine seems to be satisfied with life. They honestly do have a generous and caring soul. 

If you want to pick a moniker that denotes the dog's generous soul, then you should look at great philanthropists throughout history such as Dietmar Hopp who is credited with generously donating over a billion dollars to a vast array of charities. Pierre Omidyar, the founder of the tech giant eBay, is another generous soul who is credited with a billion dollars worth of donations and non-profit foundation creations that are geared towards helping individuals around the world. 

The status of the world often seems dismal. If people look closely, they will find the good hidden beneath the bad. There are innumerable generous souls, and your canine companion is one of those unique creatures which gives selflessly on a daily basis. Maybe it is the dog's generous spirit that has earned them the distinction of being man's best friend.  

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