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English Toy Spaniels are a little dog with a storied past including being the favored companion of Mary I, Queen of Scotland. When one of these noble dogs joins your family it is important to find the right name for them. Being of English origins, a name that also has English roots would be a great way to pay homage to their ancestry and give them a name that is not necessarily common in your neighborhood. English Toy Spaniels are fun, loyal small dogs that have graced royal courts and common homes around the world. While not the most popular small dog, they do have a large following of breed enthusiasts. 

English Toy Spaniel Dog Names in Pop Culture

English Toy Spaniel Dog Name Considerations

Many people fall in love with these adorable and devoted little dogs and want to find a name that fits their royal ancestry as well as their unique personality. Obviously these are small toy breed dogs and therefore a tough or harsh name simply would sound odd. English Toy Spaniels are happy, loyal, elegant dogs with a great sense of humor. Therefore a fun name such as Alfie which means elf-like would probably more appropriate than Spike. Cute or fun names such as Chester, Toby or Betsy may be a nice fit and showcase their English roots. Maybe you would like to embody Queen Victoria’s beloved dog, and name your new English Toy Spaniel Dash. 

When trying to decide on a name for your new English Toy Spaniel, take your time and make a list of the names that you like. Involve the entire family and give each family member a chance to chime in and add a name to the list. Once you have compiled several names, talk it out and take a vote to decide on your top three choices. Research your top three names; maybe one will just fit their personality. Keep a listen around your neighborhood; you do not want to name your new puppy the same name as another dog nearby. This will eliminate confusion when you are out walking or playing.

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