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For anyone who boxes, giving your dog a famous boxer’s name is a great way to honor their dedication, endurance or overall personality, let alone your boxing idol. Like Rocky Balboa’s dog Butkus, many dogs become their owners’ training partners, partially because it takes a lot more for them to get gassed, partially because they push hard without being a critic. Fortunately, because so many boxers also have distinct names like Mayweather, Holyfield, Liston and Ali, giving them a famous boxer’s name also not only helps them stand out, but pays homage to the greats and gives your furry friend as much character in name as they likely possess inherently already. 

Famous Boxer Dog Names in Pop Culture

Famous Boxer Dog Name Considerations

There is always a lot to consider when choosing a name for your dog. Most people not only want it to be catchy, but also be highly suitable or even anecdotal if possible — a great name usually has a great backstory. 

There are a lot of angles to consider as well, the most important of which are likely their breed type, overall looks, and their personality. But let’s also be frank — if you actually have a Boxer, just about any famous boxer’s name will suit them, because it’s hard not to be clever when you are able to tell people you have a Boxer named Rocky or Ali. 

It’s safe to say that based on looks, dogs that are highly-muscular, such as any type of Bully, will likely already be a good fit, as their appearance already suits the name. If you want to be funny or ironic, it works just as well with Chihuahuas and toy breeds. 

Of course, you can always try to work their name into multiple aspects of their personality, such as naming your walk-loving dog Walker, after Mickey Walker, or your super sweet puppy Sugar after Sugar Ray Robinson, although we can’t say it’s going to be easy given how unique some of the names are, such as Mayweather or Holyfield — that is unless you’re willing to explain to people that your dog loves spring or loves to dig holes in the nearby field. 

Whatever you decide to choose, don’t be afraid to come out swinging with your ideas, you never know where and when one might land. 

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