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Maybe you’re an inventor. Maybe you’re a scientist. Or maybe you’re just curious. Either way, giving your dog a famous inventor’s name puts them on the fast track to being easily remembered and associated with some of history’s greatest minds. There are plenty to choose from, as everything that is man-made had someone behind it who had to brainstorm, develop and perfect it, just like you’ll need to do if you plan on giving your dog a killer name that holds up as well as the light bulb. So don’t be shy, dive on in and get creative, and if all else fails, well, just invent something. 

Famous Inventor Dog Names in Pop Culture

Famous Inventor Dog Name Considerations

While there are only so many “famous” inventors, nearly anyone who has ever invented something branded with their name is undoubtedly famous, at least in some capacity, leaving an open door to use any name associated with themselves or what they’ve created. 

There are no true restrictions here, and although Plato said necessity is the mother of invention,  scientist Jonathan Schattke said its father is creativity, so don’t hesitate to think outside the box. As mentioned, everything ever truly created by people has an inventor of some sort, so the opportunities are nearly endless. 

With that said, it’s way more fun to give your dog a name that not only sounds good, but is cleverly applicable, and there are numerous angles of influence you can use such as your dog’s looks, area of origin, breed name, personality, or even anecdotes from their or your life. Here are some examples.

Anecdotal: A curious dog that may have accidentally had a run-in with an electric fence would be the perfect candidate for a name like Watt, Franklin, Faraday or Tesla — all inventors with shocking influence on modern electricity. 

Looks: An Olde English Sheepdog with wild, sprawling white hair or a Dalmatian with a bulb-shaped spot on their forehead would be perfect for the name Edison. For the same reason, a Schnauzer with a great mustache would be well-suited with the name Benz, after Karl Benz, who also had a fiercely awesome mustache. 

Breed name or area of origin: A French Bulldog named Braille would be a great match, especially if it happens to be semi-blind or have patches of fur that look like Braille letters and numbers. 

Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to be creative. Guaranteed, if you love something, there’s likely someone out there who had a hand in creating it. With any luck, they’ll have an awesome name that also works for your dog.

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