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Far Eastern mythology is fascinating, not only because of its incredible stories, legends, and abundance of gods but also because in the Western world, we do not learn enough about the Far East in school. Sure, we know where those fantastic countries are when we look at the world map, we may have traveled there a lot, and we may have a lot of friends with Far Eastern origins, but do we know enough about the culture and the ancient mythology of Far East? You can honor these fascinating cultures by naming your doggo after one of the deities originating from this part of the world, which is also an excellent opportunity to read up on the old religions and compelling stories they have.

Far Eastern Mythology Dog Names in Pop Culture

Far Eastern Mythology Dog Name Considerations

If you are still reading this through the tears because of Hachiko’s story, you may start considering the perfect name for your loyal friend. Your dog deserves the best name in the world and all the love you can give them, because they will surely give you theirs, so choosing the Far Eastern mythology as inspiration is terrific since there are so many deities that represent love, devotion, and loyalty. 

So, if you are a proud owner of Akita Inu, you may consider the name Hachiman, after the God of Eight Banners in the Japanese mythology. Another excellent choice is Kali, after the Hindu goddess of Time and Creation. Or perhaps you gravitate more towards Parvati, Hindu goddess of fertility, love, and devotion, the traits your dog has and something you should strive for in your life. 

Some of the great names you can consider are Krishna and Ganesh, after Hindu gods of compassion, tenderness, and love, and Remover of Obstacles, respectfully. Vishnu in Hinduism known as the "preserver" in the Hindu trinity, the protector of the world against chaos and evil is also an excellent choice and a very popular god that you have undoubtedly heard of before.

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