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The French Spaniel is an ancient breed that can be researched as far back as the 14th century and is the oldest of the French pointing breeds. This average-sized dog is typically about 21 to 24 inches tall and weighs about 45 to 60 pounds. They are healthy and good-natured dogs that love to hunt as much as they love to play. These pooches are beautiful Spaniels with amber eyes, a brown nose, and a dense brown, black, and white coat. They’re also very intelligent, have tons of energy, and they are usually very gentle and make great pets for any family.

French Spaniel Dog Names in Pop Culture

French Spaniel Dog Name Considerations

Thinking of the furfect name for your new pupster can be difficult because you want it to fit them right. To determine the best name for your pup, you can try thinking of a name that pertains to their breed. The French Spaniel is a hunting dog, so you could name him Hunter if your pup is a boy and Artemis if you have a girl. Artemis was a Greek Goddess of Hunting and Wilderness. Or, you could name your pup for their coat color, which is usually white, brown, and black mottled or spotted so you could name them Freckles, Spot,  or Speckles. 

If none of those options intrigue you, then you may choose to give your dog a French or Spanish name since they are a French Spaniel. Some cute French name ideas include Jacques, Louie, Philippe, Chanel, Gigi, or Fifi. For a Spanish pup’s name, you could go with Diego, Ferdinand, Pablo, Chica, Felicia, or Lupe. Another idea is to wait until you know your canine companion a little bit better. You may see something in their personality that just gives you the perfect name. Or you may not. So, we have gathered some for you to get some ideas from. 

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