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If you are a hound lover, you will find the French Tricolor Hound to be a real beauty. This breed has a mixed lineage being both the English Foxhound and French Poitevin, and some French Tricolor Hounds have a mixed lineage of the Saintongeois and the Blue Gascony Hound with a little bit of English Foxhound. The mixed ancestry produced a stronger type of hound, bred for hunting. They are a larger hound breed. This dog is loyal, steadfast, and brave. They are an excellent hunter, but can also make a family dog. Care must be taken around small animals and children as the hound is big in size and very fast. Many people name their French Tricolor Hounds after their hunting ability, for which they were bred, or a French name. 

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French Tricolor Hound Dog Name Considerations

If you have decided to adopt or purchase this rare breed, there are many names you may be thinking about. For starters, a French name may be what you prefer. There are countless beautiful French names out there that would suit your hound perfectly! For example, Earl is a male name meaning a noted warrior and Walden means forest valley. If you have a female hound, Sabella means God's promise in French, and Gabby means God's bravest woman. 

Another name type you may consider can be based on your hound's personality, such as Spunky or Fierce for a male, and Lovey or Dashing for a girl. Your Tricolor French Hound may be a hunter and these names also fit that theme as well. Names such as Tracker, Swift, Doe, and Grace could also work for you.

If you plan on having a hound as a house and family companion, this is fine as well, but you will need to incorporate many different activities into your dog's daily life. With a family dog, you may choose to name your companion a human-like name, such as Bud, Jethro, Percy, Dixie, or Mabel!

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