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Officially the Republic of Gambia, The Gambia or Gambia is located in West Africa and is almost completely surround by Senegal, except for the country’s western coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. The country is the smallest of mainland Africa at 4127 square miles and the Gambia River runs through it. The country gained independence in 1965 and the majority of its economy is made up of farming, fishing and tourism. 

As you consider different names for your canine companion, the country of Gambia is worth a look for unique ideas. While the country is small, you will find that it has no shortage of name possibilities.

Gambia Dog Names In Pop Culture

Gambia Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a name for your new canine buddy may feel overwhelming to you. Of course, you want a name that you like and that suits your pooch AND that you will not get tired of calling multiple times a day for years. On the plus side, you will only need to consider a name once (at least for this dog) and you can do your best to make it sort of fun.

Just how do you make choosing a name for your dog fun? Why not take a virtual trip around the world and see what different countries have to offer when it comes to naming possibilities. Take Gambia, for example. While not a huge country when it comes to land mass, Gambia is full of unique ideas for you to consider.  Whether the country has special meaning for your or not, it may be home to a name that suits your pooch. Look at Gambia’s cities, rivers, foods and attractions and see what stands out for you.

A name that comes from Gambia will bring this unique country to mind each time you call your dog. Enjoy your virtual tour and see what ideas you return with!

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