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Grendel is a comic series from the early 1980s that follows multiple characters across multiple periods. The Grendel Omnibus is a collection of stories that center around one specific protagonist - Grendel Omnibus: Volume One follows Hunter Rose - a career criminal and the first man to don the Grendel mantle. Volume 2 follows Hunter Rose's immediate successors -so on and so forth for the following Volumes. The Grendel series is the brainchild of artist and writer Matt Wagner. Wagner originally made the series as a tribute to the Noir films and stories of yesteryear. Over time, Grendel has evolved and taken on a life of its own.

Grendel Omnibus Inspired Dog Names In Pop Culture

Grendel Omnibus Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you're thinking about giving your dog a Grendel inspired name, you'll have plenty of compelling and intricate characters to potentially name your pet after. Your first instinct may be to borrow an alias from one of the men and women who donned the Grendel mantle. Indeed, these characters are certainly some of the most complexed and fleshed out in the Grendel Universe. They're also some of the most dangerous and deranged beings in the series due to their close affiliation with a primordial demon that also calls itself Grendel. Creator Matt Wagner has stated that the series has evolved from its roots as a pastiche of Noir tropes into "a study of the nature of aggression." No matter their motivations, or even their redeeming traits, all who bear the Grendel mantle are aggressive and violent beings with very few noble qualities.

Still not put off from naming your pet after a Grendel character? Then read on ahead and check out our list of Grendel inspired names. We've also included plenty of references to other Noir stories, to keep things fresh and exciting. Most of the names that we've drafted up aren't very subtle by any stretch of the imagination, but they'll stand out from more conventional pet names by a mile.

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