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If you like myths, folklore and fairy tales then you will certainly be inspired by the TV show Grimm when naming your new pooch. There are many interesting and unique Wesen and human characters in the show that we feel drawn to.  If you’ve just got, or are thinking about getting a new pooch and you need to choose the perfect name, why not take inspiration from this amazing show? There’s certainly plenty to go around!  Choosing a name is not always easy, in fact it’s a huge responsibility but this guide will make things easier for you.  We've done some of the hard work for you and come up with 30 top male and female names for your new addition. All you have to do is read on.

Grimm Dog Names in Pop Culture

Grimm Dog Name Considerations

There are lots of considerations to make when choosing a name for your pooch, and this includes names inspired by a TV series like Grimm.  We can choose names based on things like temperament, so if your pooch is a scared little mouse, then a name like Bud is suitable.  For the strong and powerful pooch, you might choose Nick, Eve, Meisner or Diana.  For the intelligent pooch, a name like Monroe or Rosalee would be appropriate. 

You can also be inspired by color.  You could choose a name like Black Claw or Schade for the pooch with a black coat.  Juliette is a red-head in the show, but Adalind is a blonde so they are two options based on color.  Wu on the other hand, has dark hair.    

Check out the list below for more Grimm name inspiration. There are many considerations to make, so jot them down and choose carefully. If you have your pooch already, why not shout out the name to your new companion and see if they respond to any of your chosen names?  If you’re still torn, ask your family and friends, or research further.  You could even mix-up the names and see if you can come up with your own twist on a moniker, like Ada-lee (Adalind and Rosalee), for example. 

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