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To anyone out there who might think that bravery and courage are traits that are mutually exclusive to humans, please read this article. To anyone whose faith in humanity, or just the world at large, has dwindled over the years, please continue to read on. We're living in dark and trying times where it's become much easier to adopt an overtly cynical world view to cope with our wild and unforgiving world, but hopefully this article will remind you that life isn't all bad, in the same way that it's not all good. And just as, if not more, importantly, hopefully this article will show you that good things can come from the least expected places, people, and pets.

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Heroic Dog Name Considerations

As mentioned earlier, bravery and courage are not traits that are mutually exclusive to human beings. In fact, the sheer number of heroic dogs that have helped humans, as well as other animals, practically guarantees that you can find a heroic dog that's of the exact same breed as the canine you're currently caring for. Do you own a Golden Retriever? Consider naming your dog after the brave puppy Roselle, who stuck by her master's side during the tragic September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and guided him out of the fire and smoke despite the damage the she suffered in the process. 

Another great thing about these heroic dogs is that their exploits tend to shatter many of the negative, preconceived notions people have come to levy on certain dog breeds. For instance, Pit Bulls are often feared and treated with disgust or outright disdain due to the stories of this particular breed attacking people without cause. But in the same way that not all humans should be treated with disgust because some of us choose to become serial killers, not all Pit Bulls should be mistreated due to their propensity to save others from harm, rather than cause it. As you'll read on, you'll find plenty of examples of heroic Pit Bulls, any many other well known breeds, who put the lives of others before their own.

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