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While the Hovawart may sound like a creature out of a Harry Potter novel, they are really a large German livestock guardian dog that can rival any other German dog breed in the stubbornness department. The Hovawart is the type of dog that requires a job to complete each day, or they will create things to do to keep themselves occupied. It takes a patient and consistent person to own and train a Hovawart. The Hovawart is not the typical livestock guardian dog; they do not enjoy spending hours on their own faithfully guarding their flock and property. Instead, they enjoy spending time with their family doing tasks or playing games. The Hovawart does not do well in a kennel setting and will quickly become depressed if kenneled alone for long periods of time. 

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Hovawart Dog Name Considerations

The Hovawart is not a fictitious creature that has come to life, but rather a loveable, if not a bit stubborn, large guardian dog deserving of a fun and meaningful name. Some people may hear the name Hovawart and immediately start thinking of names such as Lord Voldemort or Luna Lovegood. Granted these names are bit far-fetched unless you are a diehard J.K. Rowling fan, they may not be ideal for your new Hovawart puppy. There is nothing wrong with channeling your inner Harry Potter, but remember, your new puppy will be saddled with the name you pick for the rest of their life. Look for a name that has a meaning that may describe your new pet’s personality, for instance, a Hovawart puppy that seems bold or intrepid may be called Baumer or Cord, both meaning bold. When your new puppy comes home, take a few days to get to know them and their personality quirks. Many times, they will do something or have a personality idiosyncrasy that will help you find the right name for them. Do not be afraid to look outside the box of typical dog names, your Hovawart will be unique therefore, they deserve a name that is also unique.

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