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Dogs become a member of the family. Each one has their own personality and characteristics. Most owners bestow human-like emotions and mannerisms on their canine companions. Whether such comparisons are valid or not really doesn't matter, because the pooches play such key roles in their owners' lives that they become family. They truly become 'man's best friend'. The relationship created between dog and man makes it only natural for them to possess human names that make them seem like even larger members of the family.

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Human Dog Name Considerations

For thousands of years,  relationships between humans and dogs have flourished. From the early nomadic days, wolf-like dogs would follow humans from camp to camp in search of food scraps. The early humans viewed the dogs as important because they would alert the camp to possible dangers. As time passed, the humans and canines started to hunt together. It was a truly symbiotic relationship that morphed into deeply based emotions and feelings of shared affection. Humans and dogs just clicked. Both ended up adoring each other and friendships were created. 

Nowadays, dogs play many roles in their humans' lives. The canine is a protector, helper, lifesaver, and provider, but above all, the dog is a true companion. It is a canine's human-like characteristics that make people want to name their dogs after their human counterparts. 

Unlike many other animals, canines have a very social nature. They live in packs with their furry counterparts. Their entire focus is on ensuring that the pack survives which means they protect each other, take care of the young together, hunt food, and even sleep alongside one another for safety. When a dog is removed from its wild canine pack it is capable of forming just as intense of a relationship with their human caretakers. This is why such friendships between a dog and a human can truly grow. 

When considering a name for your furry best friend, it is normal to want to humanize your pet. You should bestow a moniker on your fur buddy that truly gives the animal the prestige and respect they deserve. The name you pick for your pooch is not only a handle but it also develops emotional meaning, so pick one that is close to your heart and which you truly enjoy saying. You could name your pal after a friend, family member, or maybe just choose a name that you truly like. 

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