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The Hungarian Puli, or Pulik if more than one, is a recognizable breed because of their dreadlocks. Many people refer to them as mop dogs and find these small herding dogs quite interesting. The cords on the Hungarian Puli do require a lot of attention making this dog a somewhat high maintenance breed. In their native Hungary, people do not call the Puli a dog because of their great intelligence and charming demeanor. The Hungarian Puli loves to play games and is known to play tricks on their owners. They are also a compassionate dog able to sense people’s moods making them excellent therapy dogs. 

Hungarian Puli Dog Names in Pop Culture

Hungarian Puli Dog Name Considerations

Fans of Preston, the top winning Hungarian Puli in the United States and Australia, may decide to add a Puli to their family and name them Preston. Then there are those who are fanatical about preserving the history of the Hungarian Puli and will choose a name that is steeped in Hungarian history. There are many names that are popular in Hungary that are easy to pronounce and are unique enough that no other dog or person will have that same name. Look for names that not similar to commands that will be used in your Hungarian Puli’s training; this will cause confusion for your new puppy. 

Also, make sure you are not picking a name that another dog in the neighborhood already possesses; play dates at the dog park could become rather confusing for both canines. The Hungarian Puli is a trickster and they love playing games and trying to trick their owners. Take the time to get to know your new Hungarian Puli’s personality before settling on a name, there may be a specific personality quirk that helps you find the perfect name. Research the meanings of the names you are considering, it may be that you are not fond of the meaning of the name you are thinking about for your new puppy.

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