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For as long as man has hunted for his meal, he has used the dog as a companion and assistant in the hunt. Dogs are likely the first domesticated animals. Dogs are pictured as hunting companions in some of the earliest artwork of humanity. As humans and dogs evolved together, eventually three types of dogs became the primary hunting companions - the terrier, the hound, and the gun dog. Hunters and their canine companions have chased fox, deer, elk, birds, and rabbits. Even today, when hunting is no longer necessary, many enthusiasts still enjoy chasing game with a hunting dog.

Hunting Dog Names in Pop Culture

Hunting Dog Name Considerations

Over time, three major groups of dogs evolved into the primary hunting dogs - terriers, hounds, and gun dogs. Terriers such as the Jack Russell Terrier, the Airedale, Rat Terriers, and Scottish Terriers are not overly large dogs, and they are quick, energetic, and highly adept at running down small prey. Although most terriers are generally companions and are no longer used for hunting, the terrier has not forgotten his instinct for chasing small prey. The terrier is lively and alert, and he is always entertaining. 

The hound is a traditional hunting dog. He is known for his keen sense of smell, and hounds generally have great stamina. Often the hound is pictured as lazily lounging on the front porch, but the hound is a loyal companion who loves adventure. Hounds are generally used to hunt larger prey such as deer. 

The gun dog includes Labrador Retrievers and English pointers. The gun dog seeks out hidden prey such as birds and foxes; he will often retrieve fallen game as well. 

The hunting dog is a faithful companion, both on and off the hunting grounds. He is loyal, athletic, and energetic. He is tenacious but obedient. His owners often name him according to his looks, but others will name him according to his personality. 

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