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Have you ever wondered what really goes on inside your mind when you feel an emotion? Are there rows of file boxes that pull out the correct response when needed, or perhaps gears that turn the proper light on to how you should feel in that moment? This is a fun image to think up and that's the mindset that Pixar had when they created the 2015 hit, Inside Out. This adorable film is about a little girl named Riley and her Emotions. Everyone has basic emotions in this world; Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. However, the difference is that we get to see how they operate in the mind and how they work to store and create memories. In the film, the audience watches as Riley grows up and goes through tough changes, such as moving to a new place and losing her close friends. When Riley goes through some stages of depression and anxiety, it is up to Joy and Sadness to work together to restore a happy and well-balanced emotional state. Although it may sound a bit complicated or boring, thrilling trips through the land of imagination with Bing Bong, the imaginary friend help to keep things exciting! This great film is an awesome way to show children that emotions are a good thing, and it's alright to talk about what they are feeling. If you are looking for a feel-good movie with beautiful animation, then Inside Out may be the one for you.

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Inside Out Dog Name Considerations

As the movie Inside Out is based on different emotions, any variation of dog personality can fit extremely well in this category without much trouble at all! Whether you have a goofy and happy dog with a bright personality, or a pup who is more on the droopy and sleepy side, names such as "Jangle" or "Lola"(which is a variation of a name meaning sadness in Spanish)  would be a couple of excellent options to choose from. In considering the theme of Inside Out, the emotion of Joy is a primary figure in this film as she is the character that tends to take the wheel first and fore-most in Riley's life. 

Everybody is different by certain emotions serving as that human's tendency, such as how Riley's mom has sadness as the main driver (which we assume would also encompass a more serious persona) while Riley's father is more driven by anger (or a short temper if you will). Joy being the main character of the movie is actually beyond perfect because dogs are just naturally joyful in so many ways! So, on this list, you will find many monikers that reflect the emotion of joy, whether that is another name for it such as "Bliss" or a name that actually means happiness like "Hani" (which is Hawaiian).

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