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Vampires themes are a favorite in both popular culture and cult culture.  Historically, Count Dracula is the most recognized vampire by name and story but modern author, Anne Rice adds a unique flare to the culture in her Gothic horror novel, Interview with the Vampire.  Anne Rice is well known for her supernatural and New Orleans inspired works, and has captured the imagination and interests of many people during her career.  Dog owners who appreciate the Gothic horror novel turned movie may wish to give their newly adopted puppy or dog a name inspired by Anne Rice's epic story.   

Interview with the Vampire Dog Names in Pop Culture

Interview with the Vampire Dog Name Considerations

Reading the book or seeing the movie, Interview with the Vampire is not necessary but highly recommended when choosing a dog name inspired by the Anne Rice Gothic horror story.  Dog owners may also take the size, color, and breed of their dog into consideration when using Interview with the Vampire.  Black and dark coated dogs are excellent matches for this theme considering vampires are associated with darkness and the night.  When it comes to breeds, dogs with sleek coats are also well-suited for the Interview with the Vampire theme. A dog breed such as the Doberman Pinscher fits well into the theme with their sleek black coat, strong graceful features, and long, pointed ears.  

Despite dark, sleek, and graceful looking dogs, fans of Anne Rice will remember the two main Vampires of the story are both fair skinned with light features. Lestat de Lioncourt, the antagonist vampire was described as a "blonde angel" and possessed a captivating appearance. Louis de Pointe du Lac was also described as a good looking man while he lived but took on the fair complexion after becoming an immortal.  People who own fair colored dogs, especially those with angelic features, can consider some of the Vampire names from Anne Rice's story as well.  Many of the characters and locations in Interview with the Vampire have ties to French culture so French dogs like the Miniature Poodle, the French Bulldog, and the Papillon are excellent matches for this theme.  However, do not let Louis de Pointe de Lac near your "little butterflies."

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