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Into the Badlands is a TV show that first aired on AMC on November 15th, 2015. The show takes place in a dystopian future where the remnants of civilization have reverted to a Feudalistic society. Daniel Wu plays Sunny, a warrior who initially serves a brutal warlord named Quinn. Sunny's life is turned upside when he encounters a mysterious young boy without a name. Sunny calls the boy "M.K." and takes him under his wing. The show officially kicks into high gear when Sunny and M.K. learn of a mythical city called Arza and head "into the badlands" in the hopes of finding it.

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Into the Badlands Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Into the Badlands is a show for fans of Kung-Fu flicks and Martial Arts movies. The series features a bevy of well-choreographed fight scenes and jaw-dropping action set pieces. Though Sunny doesn't possess the political power and influence of a warlord (colloquially referred to as a baron in the show), he manages to survive thanks to his incredible combat skills and pragmatism. Sunny isn't the only character who gets into spectacular battles in the series; all of the show's main characters must fight against bandits, raiders, and highly trained killers in their post-apocalyptic world. Into the Badlands is worth a watch for its fight scenes alone. The fact that the series is also very well written and acted feels like icing on the proverbial cake.

The characters and storylines featured on Into the Badlands are just as fleshed out as any of AMC's other shows. The series draws a lot of inspiration from the legendary Chinse fable Journey to the West. But Sunny, M.K., and the rest of the cast aren't just carbon copies of their predecessors - Into the Badlands' writers and actors worked tirelessly to breath new life into the classic story that inspired the series. Into the Badlands is slated for its series finale May 6th, 2019. We highly recommend you watch the show ASAP to get ready for the Badlands' big finish and to scope out the perfect name for your new dog. 

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