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It's probably safe to assume that you know what The Walking Dead is but do you know who that series was created by? A fellow with a very twisted sense of humor named Robert Kirkman created The Walking Dead as well as a menagerie of other series. Just as how The Walking Dead played with a number of tropes and conventions that were associated with post-apocalyptic Zombie stories, so too do many of Kirkman's other works. Marvel Zombies is a devious play on the Marvel Universe, Science Dog is a humorous take on the Pulp Fiction stories of old, and Invincible is Kirkman's take on classic superheroes like Superman and Captain America. Invincible is also really gory and a lot of characters die on every other page. So, we'd say it's like a Superman story set in Westeros. A fan of this colorful comic with a detailed storyline will have no problem finding a name for their new furry addition.

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Invincible Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Despite the guts and gore, Invincible is still a comic that's very much so reverent of its predecessors; many of the characters featured in the series were created as homages to folks like Superman, Batman, Iron Man, and countless others. The self titled lead character of the series Mark Grayson started the comic off as a high schooler who inherits his abilities during his teenage years. Right off the bat, that puts Mark in the same boat as folks like Spider-Man and a million members of the X-Men. His last name is also a tribute to Dick Grayson - the first Robin who eventually grows up to become the hero Nightwing. Invincible is filled with tons of nods and homages to comic books in just about every page - be they big or small. It's a comic that was made for comic lovers by comic lovers. Why give your dog an Invincible inspired name? Because if you've been a life long fan of comic books, then you likely can't to get enough of this series and have many favorite characters to choose from as potential dog tags.

Invincible has also garnered acclaim over the years due to the way it handles very serious subjects; it's not all epic battles and bloodshed. Many story and character arcs consist of characters grappling with depression, alcoholism, and other internal threats. If you like stories that are able to discuss those sorts of serious topics in a respectful way, then Invincible may be the ideal place to look for a dog name.

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