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In terms of the Marvel Universe, the character Iron Fist takes the cake as Marvel's foremost master of all things related to martial arts; anyone christened with the name "Iron Fist" can use the chi of the ancient dragon Shou-Lao to punch through walls of solid concrete, exert control over their entire nervous system, rapidly heal from wounds, and react to things with superhuman speed. The current Iron Fist is a young man by the name of Daniel "Danny" Rand. Danny's father,  Wendell Rand, used to live in the mystical city of K'un-Lun; through a series of unfortunate events, a young Danny found his way to the fabled city where he trained to be a master martial artist.

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Iron Fist Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Iron Fist, as a character, was created by Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, and Bill Everett for the express purpose of injecting some Kung Fu into the Marvel Universe. In many ways, some more apparent than others, the very character of Iron Fist was created to serve as a loving homage to the great martial arts masters of history as well as a number of the films many of those figures had starred in back in the day; as Iron Fist, Danny often incorporates flying kicks and One Inch Punches into his move set  in order to reference the late and great martial masters Bruce Lee. Many of Danny's other moves were borrowed from equally legendary figures such as John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Shiro Saigo, and even Chuck Norris! So if you're a huge fan of martial films, and appreciate the mystical twist Marvel put on martial arts via Iron Fist, consider naming your dog Immortal or even Living Weapon after some of Danny's aliases that indirectly reference the Hong Kong and Kung Fu films of old. Conversely, if you're just a huge fan of the Iron Fist character and the way he uses chi to pull off incredible feats, consider naming your dog Danny, Daniel, or Dragon after the Immortal Iron Fist. 

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