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What if Superman just lost it one day? What if the all the accumulated pressure of being Earth's foremost champion got the better of him and he just started mowing people down en masse? As scary of a thought as that is, fans of the Man of Steel can rest assured knowing that Clark Kent's powerful moral compass and heart of gold would never allow such a nightmarish scenario to become a reality. The same can't be said for the millions of people who trusted in the Plutonian. Written by Mark Waid (a man who's worked on some of the most popular Superman stories ever published), Irredeemable seeks to answer one hauntingly simple question; what would happen if Superman turned on us?

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Irredeemable Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Waid and the team of talented artists that he's worked with over the years didn't create Irredeemable because they hate Superman - on the contrary, the 37 issue comic series can be interpreted as a love letter to the Last Son of Krypton by showing everything that Superman is not. For anyone who's ever wondered what's so special about Superman or why so many people - both in universe and in our own world - love him so much, consider reading Irredeemable. By the time you've read the last page of this harrowing series, you may gain a greater appreciation for the Big Blue Boy Scout after seeing the Plutonian's reign of terror unfurl.

Another reason one might want to consider giving their dog an Irredeemable inspired name is the sheer breadth and depth of the comic; Irredeemable isn't a story where everyone makes it out okay and status quo is upheld. To answer the very terrifying question that he used as the comic's thesis, Mark Waid had to take the series to some very dark places. Irredeemable isn't the sort of story you can casually crack open and read for kicks and giggles. It's dark, gritty, somewhat depressing, and very poignant. If you're a fan of comics like The Watchmen or Y: The Last Man, then consider giving Irredeemable a chance. Within its covers, you will find names like Alana, Quibit, Siren and Gilgamos as considerations to call your new furry addition.

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