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The Italian Spinone is a powerful and well-muscled pointing dog with a scruffy, dense coat. They have shaggy eyebrows and beard giving them a wizened appearance. The Italian Spinone (plural Spinoni) hails from Italy and is becoming known in the United States. They have an easy going personality and are known for working methodically in the field. The breed has been accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the Spinone Italiano and can be seen at many AKC sponsored events including conformation shows, dog sports, and hunting trials. They make wonderful family companions for active families; they require a lot of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. The Italian Spinone does best with children who are six years old or older. 

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Italian Spinoni Dog Name Considerations

Be sure to research this breed thoroughly before committing to bringing a puppy home. The Italian Spinoni are easy going dogs and love to play with children, however, they do best with older children and not necessarily so well with infants and toddlers. While not as active as other sporting breeds, they do require daily exercise and socialization. Once you have made the decision that the Italian Spinone is the breed for you and have brought your puppy home, it is time to find a good name for them. Being an Italian breed, there are unique and fun Italian names that could be a perfect match for your scruffy little friend. Take the time to get to know your new Italian Spinone’s personality before settling on a name. Remember to not pick a name that is similar to training commands you will be using to keep confusion at bay. Also keep in mind that you do not want to pick a name that sounds like other dogs in the neighborhood or in your family; this will help alleviate any confusion at the dog park or while out walking. They need a unique name that is only for them and highlights their Italian heritage. 

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